As Featured in Practical Classics
and Autocar Magazine

As Featured in Practical Classics
and Autocar Magazine

Hydragas and Hydrolastic Service Ltd is registered in England, Number - 11064815


Contact Ian and Dawn on:

07506 563081 / 01952 613184

We are dedicated Hydragas and Hydrolastic car enthusiasts who want all owners of cars fitted with this unique suspension to get the most out of it, we provide a re-gasing service for Hydragas Displacers and re-hosing for Hydrolastic.

These suspension systems are generally reliable and long lived, the main problems are the slow and natural loss of gas from the Hydragas Displacers and perished hoses on the Hydrolastic units.

We cater for both types of suspension fitted to all cars.

Hydragas was fitted to:

Austin Allegro

Late Austin Maxi

Austin/Rover Metro/Rover 100

Princess / Austin Ambassador


Hydrolastic was fitted to:

BLMC 1100 / 1300

BLMC 1800 / 2200

Austin 3 Litre

Austin Maxi up to 1979

Mini from 1962 to 1971

Wolseley Hornet / Riley Elf