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Hydrolastic displacers are generally very rugged, reliable and long lived, however when originally manufactured few people would have expected them still to be in service 45 years or more later.  Very often the hoses become weak and perished, especially around the ferrules.  These eventually rupture causing collapse of the suspension on the side of the car concerned.  More often than not there is nothing else wrong with the unit and it would be capable of many more years service.  The problem is the hose is integral with the unit and in the past the unit was simply disposed of and another unit fitted.   The units have been out of production for many years and they are getting scarcer and scarcer.

The good news is there is no longer any need to dispose of a perfectly good unit just because the hose has ruptured and find a replacement unit complete with an old hose which could fail again, we offer a quality re-hosing service for your existing displacer units using brand new hoses which are much stronger and durable than the originals complete with a new threaded union and very neatly fitted too.

The hoses we fit are of the same diameter as the original.  After fitting the displacer unit is thoroughly pressure tested in our test rig and the diaphragm carefully examined whilst under pressure for the minutest of fluid leaks.  It's not very often we encounter a defective unit but if we do we let the customer know straight away and give them the opportunity to send us another unit, if we encounter a defective unit there is no charge for that particular unit.